Dance update

Formerly Known As…
Daddy/Daughter and Mother/Son

We are still getting some questions about the changes being made to these events this year.  Please consider the following…

In an effort to comply with the District-wide policy of inclusion for all, the PTO is managing some transition with both the Daddy-Daughter and Mother-Son events this year. While we have always welcomed everyone, our previous names for these events did not, according to the District, demonstrate our willingness to include all individuals regardless of their family structure or gender identity.

The School District, therefore, asked us to change the names and make our inclusion more apparent. 

We understand that this is a bit confusing but we are doing what we can to try and meet the expectations of the School District, our volunteers and our student population.

Next year we may completely revisit how these events are structured.  However, for now, given that planning for these events was already underway before we received the directive from the school district to make changes, we are moving forward as follows:

This year, our Daddy Daughter Dance is called a Sweetheart Dance
(see details on the dance web page).

News about an updated Mother Son Event, called a VIP Event (happening in March) will be announced soon.

We hope that everyone feels welcomed in this community, especially as part of the Roosevelt family, and thank both committees for their determination to make both events a success!