Game Truck update

Important Note About the Game Truck

As you may recall, getting an opportunity to win playing time in a Game Truck was used as an incentive with our students during the Tiger Trot fundraiser. This has proven to be a very popular incentive with students.

Last week we began the first of four scheduled Game Truck days for selected students and unfortunately, we experienced a significant safety issue with our Game Truck vendor.

Over the weekend, the PTO and Dr. Dwyer reviewed the situation and together decided that the Game Truck experience would still be offered to the selected students.  It will, however, be reschedule for later this spring with a different company.

We are saving the list of students who earned a “ticket” so they still have the opportunity to experience the Game Truck.  We will let students know when this will take place.

Thank you for understanding.  Special thanks to our parent volunteers and the school staff that managed Friday’s incident and kept all of our students safe.