Reading Garden Face Lift

The Reading Garden (located on the Fairview side of the school, near the 5th grade doors) is getting a facelift. 

A prospective Eagle Scout will be cleaning up the garden area and power washing all 8 benches to prepare them for a new coat of paint.

The PTO has partnered with Art Teacher, Mrs. Marolt, to come up with some fun new designs for the benches and will be purchasing the supplies to get them all painted.

Now, all we need is some families to join us for a Bench Painting Party.

Reading Garden Bench Painting Party
Saturday, May 26th

There are 8 benches to be painted. So, we are looking for eight “teams” of volunteers.  Each team is made up of 2 families regardless of the number of people in your family.

Note: the morning shift will be responsible for taping and priming the benches. The afternoon shift will be painting the colored designs.

CLICK HERE to sign up and join the fun.