Many Thanks!

Thank you to the following volunteers for coordinating a wonderful week of appreciation for our outstanding teachers and staff!

Committee Chair
Sarah Eng

Committee Members
Mary Beth Magad
Christina Chahin
Fran Thompson
Danielle Hartung
Laurie Honza Runtz
Aliza Steurer
Tiffany Clements
Lauren Dickson

Thank you to everyone who took the time to stop by and shop our Book Fair last week.  It was a great success!  We look forward to using a portion of those proceeds to make some exciting new book purchases for Roosevelt.

Thank you, especially, to Mrs. Handlon and all of our parent volunteers for helping with the set-up, re-stocking of shelves, guiding the kids as they searched for fun new books, ringing up sales, and packing it all up at the end.  Phew!

Book Fair Chairperson:
Taryn Handlon

Book Fair Volunteers:
Joy Benjamin
Kelly Skogsbakken
Becky Reuhs
Jodi Koslow-Martin
Karen Larson
Amanda Sage
Tiffany Clements
Stephanie Slager
Julie Tornabene
Sarah Surisook
Jeanette Norlock


Thank you to volunteers Sari Higgins and Gretchen Barina for organizing the Spring Fling Family Fun event!

A special thanks to School of Rock for coming to perform before the movie. Everyone enjoyed the music!

And thanks to all who attended!