Go Green

The Go Green Team calls on people who want to make a positive difference at Roosevelt and in our community.  In collaboration, parents, teachers and students will promote waste reduction, recycling, reusing, pollution prevention, and energy and water conservation.  This group will encourage environmental stewardship through educational programs, clubs, school campaigns, and special events with the goal of cultivating thoughtfulness, appreciation for our earth, healthy habits, and respect for each other.


Try using less plastic food bags in lunches.
Include reusable containers and bags instead.

Don’t forget those reusable grocery bags.
Throw some in your car today!

If you have any recycling or composting questions, feel free to contact Green Team rep.  TraceyEdsey@gmail.com

New this year at ALL lunches is recycling AND composting!

Go Green helps the District communicate with staff and students on what goes in each can. Now you can talk to your students as well!

Green = Recycling! (aluminum cans & foil, cardboard, cereal boxes, punchable boxes, empty milk and juice cartons, paper, plastic bottle, plastic yogurt containers, paper bags)

Yellow = Composting! (food scraps, the food trays, napkins) The District pays additional for the composting bags, picks up and for materials that can be composted, so make sure those trays and napkins are getting thrown int he yellow can!

Milk is separate. Dump the remaining milk in the bucket labeled milk and throw the empty carton in the can labeled “Milk” or “Recycling” because they get recycled too!

Trash = Black and is anything that doesn’t fit in one of the above categories.