Healthy Living Month

Fruits & Vegetables Week

The focus of this first week of Healthy Living Month is nutrition!
Starting on Monday, April 2 and ending on Friday April 6, students will be challenged to eat a combined total of 5 – 8 fruits and vegetables, each day.

Students that complete each weekly challenge and submit an online pledge card (with parent verification) will be entered into a raffle to win Healthy Living Month Prizes.

*  *  NEW Online Pledge Card  *  *
Printed pledge cards are being replaced with a new digital pledge card.  To show that your student has fulfilled the healthy living pledge of the week, you will be asked to submit a digital pledge card at the end of each week.

CLICK HERE to access the WEEK 1 pledge card.

  In order to be eligible for the prize raffle,
please submit this week’s pledge card ON Friday, April 6.
Forms submitted before April 6th will not be accepted.



April is Health Living Week for D64 and the Park Ridge community. This is a district and community wide initiative where residents of Park Ridge are encouraged to make healthy choices to live a better life. At D64, each week, students can be entered into a raffle at their school for completing a week of healthy choices. One week is fruit & veggie week, another is neat to use your feet week, screen free week and one is making Earth friendly choices such as recycling.