School Assemblies & Cultural Events

This PTO Committee researches and organizes 3 main assemblies each year in collaboration with Roosevelt’s Assistant Principal.

  • One assembly is for grades K-2

  • One assembly is for Grades 3-5

  • One assembly is an all school assembly toward the end of the school year.

This committee works with the building staff to make sure the assemblies tie into the curriculum and are a good use of student’s academic time.

Ben Franklin: Scientist, Inventor and Statesman” came to Roosevelt on October 18th at 1:15 pm for the first assembly of the year. This is for 3rd-5th graders and is put on by a company called Historical Perspectives.

Click here to check them out!

Click here for supplemental materials to help teach your child!

The second assembly of the year is Joshua’s Dragon Assembly for K-2nd graders and will be on February 21st!  “In an energetic and unforgettable assembly, Stacey will encourage children to come up with realistic strategies to conquer their dragons and to never use the words…I Can’t Do It.

Everyone is wired differently… everyone battles a different dragon.  Whether it is asthma, shyness, or fear they will not be accepted by their peers, all children have the amazing ability to conquer their dragon, just like Joshua.

Joshua, a courageous boy who has autism, teaches others that if he can take on the challenges of his disability, they too have the strength within to take on theirs. Stacey will use Joshua as a bridge to motivate children to conquer their own personal challenges. Whether their dragon is shyness, clumsiness, or a fear of acceptance, all children will learn how to come up with their own personal plan of action!”

Goals of the assembly:

  • Build self-awareness
  • Build social-awareness
  • Acknowledging positive qualities in others
  • Empowerment and motivation to set goals
  • Increase disability awareness

More information on the assembly is available at

The Jesse White Tumblers are coming to Roosevelt on Friday, April 13th at 10:30 am & 1:00 pm for the second assembly of the year. This assembly will be for all students K-5!

Check the Jesse White Tumbling Team out here!

This committee also plans a breakfast and luncheon for Roosevelt’s Veteran’s Day celebration in early November. Veterans are invited to meet with students and share their stories so Roosevelt’s youth can gain an understanding and appreciation for our freedom and what veterans have done for our country. As a thank you, the PTO provides both breakfast and lunch for those veterans who join us!

Cultural Awareness Week
March 5th – 9th

Whether your family is new to the United States or your family has been in the country for many generations, we would like to celebrate the many different and wonderful backgrounds at Roosevelt Elementary School!

March 5th – 9th will be our very first Cultural Awareness week!
What a fun week at Roosevelt!  Thank you to everyone who participated, whether by bringing in old family photos and paper dolls representing your heritage or sharing traditional dress and ethnic dances on Friday.

We’d like to give an extra shout out to our Committee Chairs who first approached the school/PTO with the idea of coordinating a Cultural Awareness event at Roosevelt.  None of this would have been possible without your vision and commitment to making this happen.
Thank you!

Committee Chairs:
Serena Legatos Coines and Sarah Chacko

Committee Members:
Elena Demos
Amanda Byrne
Amy Stewart
Jennifer Rush