2018 Tiger Trot


What is the Tiger Trot?

Tiger Trot is one of students’ and families’ favorite days of the year and the PTO’s only major fundraiser.  Students raise money through pledges and donations and then spend part of the day on September 21st walking or running the track with friends, classmates and even family members.  It is one of the most motivating and energizing days of the school year!

$$  WE DID IT!  $$
Tiger Trot successfully raised $37,331!

Way to go Roosevelt students and families!

We are thrilled to be able to continue to provide the programs and events our students have come to love over the years and further look forward to gifting a portion of this money to the school towards the purchase of some new primary playground equipment.  We will provide additional details on that as they become available.

None of it would be possible without your dedication and continued support!

Thank You!  Thank You!  Thank You!

Class Winners

Most Raised: Mrs. Kaplan’s 3rd grade class, with an average $93.50 per student and 80% of the class participating in fundraising!

Participation Award: Mrs. Proenza’s 1st grade class, with 85% of the class raising any amount of money!!

Grade Recognition: 1st grade followed closely behind by 4th grade were the top fundraisers by participation with right around 70% of students participating!

Individual Winners

90 students: Happy 90th Birthday Raffle Winners (raised $75+) received their prizes on Friday (or Monday if they were at Camp Duncan)

45 students: raised $200 or more and will be participating in Hide and Seek with Dr. Dwyer

All-School Totals

Total Giving: $37,331.05
Number of students participating: 420
% of students participating: 65%
Average raised per student: $57.88

Tiger Trot Committee 2018

Committee Chairpersons:
Fran Thompson
Katie Mazukelli

Committee Members:
Toni Binz
Nikki Craig
Chris Etchason
Cara Fowler
Sarah Handley
Danielle Hartung
Susie Hollingsworth
Chandra Kearney
Paula Malatesta
Heather Martin
April Mosier
Amanda Rafferty
Katie Ranalli
Alexis Rodgers
Caroline Rose
Kelly Skogsbakken
Meg Strotman
Renee Verisario
Oksana Waters
Kristie Welke
Peter Zalinski

You lead the charge and helped raise over $37,000 for the PTO!
We cannot thank you enough!