5th Grade V-Show Pictures Wanted

5th Grade V-Show Slideshow Pictures Wanted! Accepting Pictures for Current 5th Grade V-Show Participants!

The Details:

  • Please submit up to 4 pictures (maximum) that you would like included in the 5 thGrade V Show slideshow
  • We will accept any pictures, but some suggestions are:
    • Prior V Shows, Class Parties, Halloween Parade, Back to School Picnic, First day of School, Tiger Trot, Cultural Awareness, Camp Duncan, Intermediate and Primary Events, Birthdays etc…
  • Pictures from any year are encouraged. We know – it’s hard to only pick 4!
  • All photos that are submitted may not be used due to the length of the final video. We hope to equally capture as many students as possible (group photos are great).

The Process:

  • Please submit photos to vshowpics@gmail.com.
  • When you submit photos, please include the name of your child and the number of photos you are submitting in the subject line. You may send multiple emails or use a zip drive if your file is too large.
    • If submitting a group photo and you can list the kid’s names in the body of the email, we would be extra grateful!

Have Questions? Please contact Melissa Turcott or Laurie Runtz at vshowpics@gmail.com