Remote Learning

School Closures: The Governor extended school closures through the end of the school year.  This means schools will remain closed for on-site learning.

School Playgrounds:  As long as schools are closed, the school playgrounds are also closed.

New Terminology –  “Remote Learning”:  The Illinois State Board of Education (ISBE) gave us more guidance on how learning should look going forward until the end of our time away from on-site learning. One change of which I wanted to make you aware is the movement to the term, “Remote Learning.” ISBE is now officially calling these days Remote Days of Instructional Learning (or Remote Learning). They’re not calling them E-Learning days from this point on, as many schools and/or students across the state do not have the technology required. We will also now refer to them as Remote Learning Days to align with the State’s language.

Remote Learning (formerly E-Learning): Remote Learning is continuing to evolve, as we have more time to plan and adjust to this new form of teaching.  The schedule for the rest of the year is included below:

April 20 – 24 Remote Learning Days

April 27 Remote Planning Day (No Remote Learning)

April 28 – May 1 Remote Learning Days

May 4 – 8 Remote Learning Days

May 11 Remote Planning Day (No Remote Learning)

May 12 – 15 Remote Learning Days

May 18 – 22 Remote Learning Days

May 25 Memorial Day Holiday (No School)

May 26 Remote Planning Day (No Remote Learning)

May 27 – 29 Remote Learning Days

June 1 – 5 Remote Learning Days

June 8 – 9 Remote Learning Days

June 10 Teacher Records Day