Box Tops

Welcome Back to School, Students & Families!
Last year, the Roosevelt PTO earned over $1,060 from the Box Tops for Education program.  The PTO uses this money to fund many amazing programs for Roosevelt Elementary School.  We can earn even more for our school this year with your help!
Starting this year, the Box Tops for Education program will be changing the way we earn cash for our school.  Many participating brands are transitioning their packaging from traditional Box Tops coupons to a new Box Tops label.
If you see this coupon, CLIP IT and send it to school with your child. 
The OLD Box Tops coupons are being phased out of production but may still be found on many products.  You can still clip them and send them to school.  Every valid Box Tops coupon is worth 10 cents for our school.  We will be collecting OLD Box Tops coupons at Roosevelt throughout the school year, but our first submission deadline is Friday, October 25.
Here are a few tips when sending OLD Box Tops to school:
1.  Cut Box Tops from participating products with the expiration date visible.  (Expired Box Tops are not accepted.)
2.  Attach Box Tops to a collection sheet (copies can be found outside Roosevelt’s main office or e-mail for a copy) or place any amount in a zippered bag.
3.  Paperclip Bonus Box Tops certificates to a collection sheet or place in a plastic bag.
4.  Send the Box Tops to school with your child.
Eventually, the Box Tops program will become digital-only.  If you see the new label, use the NEW Box Tops mobile app to scan your receipt within 14 days of purchase.  Download the app on the Apple App Store or on Google Play.  Tip:  scan the entire receipt, including the date of purchase.
  If you see this label, SCAN YOUR RECEIPT using the Box Tops App. 
Box Tops are still worth 10 cents for our school.  The app will find participating products purchased at any store and instantly add cash to Roosevelt Elementary school’s earnings online.  You do not need to send new Box Tops labels or receipts to school.  The Box Tops program runs continuously, so keep scanning receipts every time you purchase a product with the new Box Tops label.
For more information about Box Tops, visit or the Roosevelt PTO website.  Remember to ask family and friends to help collect Box Tops for our school too.  They can download the app and link their receipts to Roosevelt.  Thank you for supporting our school!