FAQ — Hot Lunch Program

Food Days Frequently Asked Questions

1.       What are the ordering dates for Healthy Kids Kitchen Food Days?   For the meals served on Monday and  Friday: Monthly – 10 th to 27 th for the following month.

For Wednesday pizza day: Two times per year – August 22, 2016 to September 2, 2016 for pizza service September 7, 2016 through December 21, 2016 ; December 10, 2016 to December 27, 2016 for pizza service January 11, 2017 through May 31, 2017.

2.      If I miss the deadline, can I still place an order?   No, the deadline is firm.

3.      What days are lunches offered from Healthy Kids Kitchen?   For the 2016-2017 school year, Health Kids Kitchen will serve food at Roosevelt every Monday and Friday.

4.      What days is pizza offered from Spuntino’s?   Every Wednesday

5.     How much is each lunch?   Healthy Kids Kitchen lunches served Monday and Friday are $5.45 this year.  Wednesday Pizza Day from Spuntion’s is $2.15.  The increases in price for pizza from the 2015-2016 year are due to the new insurance requirements put into effect by District 64.  The increase in price for Health Kids Kitchen is due to the insurance requirements and because the lunches will now be individually packaged by Healthy Kids.  With the new requirements for the volunteers to be trained in food handling, we could not get enough volunteers to run the program as it had been in years past.

6.     Can I order extra food for my child?    Yes, you will have the option to add an additional entrée portion for an additional cost (which will vary by meal, but will be in the range of $1.00-$1.75 per additional entrée portion).

7.     What if my child has food allergies?   If you have any concerns about ingredients in any of the meals, you may contact Megan Brady at megcbrady@gmail.com, who will supply you with a detailed list of ingredients.

8.    Where do I place my order for Healthy Kids Kitchen?  You can order here.

9.      Where do I place my order for Spuntino’s?  Order Sputino’s Pizza here.

10.    Who do I contact with questions or concerns? Megan Brady at megcbrady@gmail.com