Kindness Committee

The Kindness Committee is dedicated to promoting acts of kindness and teaching empathy to the students at Roosevelt Elementary. We initiate approximately four events each school year which may be charity (external) focused, or these events may be based among the Roosevelt students and staff. We believe that the early practice of kindness and empathy makes an indelible lasting impact on the life of each child and our Roosevelt community.


Kind Coins for Mexico – Keep donating your spare change for a great cause!  
Thank you so much to all of you who have already donated!  We have raised over $300 to help build a school and friendship center in Mexico. Please keep bringing in your spare change to help us reach our goal of $500. All donations are due in the office by Friday, February 21, 2020.  We have 3 more weeks – let’s do this!


In January, Roosevelt students participated in the nationwide Great Kindness Challenge. In total, students performed 3,179 acts of kindness! Way to go, Roosevelt!! Additionally, a kindness paper chain was created. The chain features students’ acts of kindness and can be seen in the North gym hallway. 


Kindness is blooming at Roosevelt!

Wednesday, November 19th was World Kindness Day!
In recognition, the Kindness Committee distributed over 700 flowers to our students and their homeroom teachers, along with a note of random acts of kindness. We hope that our students continue to practice acts of kindness not only on this recognized day, but everyday in their lives.