Memorial Aquarium

In 2001, a beautiful salt water aquarium was installed in memory of Laura Gilpin, a young Roosevelt student who went to heaven much too early. She loved reading and science, so her classmates came up with the idea of installing an aquarium in the LRC. Laura was on the orange travel soccer team and would tell anyone willing to listen that she was a goalie to be feared!

In the summer of 2017, the tank began to have mechanical issues and the tank had to be drained. All the fish survived and went back to the aquarium store, but the entire mechanical system needed to be replaced.

The PTO Board decided in an effort to continue to honor Laura and maintain the much loved tank in the LRC, that they would repair the tank and at the same time, switch it to a much more cost effective fresh water tank. Stop in to check it out in the LRC!


Thank you to Jon Wolf at Blue Planet Aquariums who installed and services our new tank and also happens to be a Maine South graduate!