2018 Summer Construction

Get Informed & Make Your Opinion Known

Dr. Dwyer sent out a detailed e-mail to all Roosevelt families on 10/11/17 regarding the proposed remodel to Roosevelt’s 90 year old building. The Roosevelt PTO Board encourages you to become informed about the plans and to make your opinion known. Silence often gets translated to ambivalence. Let the D64 Board and Dr. Heinz know you care about Roosevelt’s future.

Dr. Dwyer will be leading two short, informational tours next week to tour the areas of Roosevelt that will be touched by the proposed remodel.

  • Thursday, October 19 at 3:45 p.m. & at 7:00 pm – both 20-minute tours

  • Friday, October 20 at 8:35 a.m. – 20-minute tour before school (children are outdoors in supervised play before the bell)

Read Chicago Tribune article regarding Boosting Security in D64

Moving forward, the Roosevelt summer 2018 proposed project will be discussed at the Monday, October 23 Board of Education meeting, which will be conducted at Franklin School, 2401 Manor Lane, Park Ridge. The meeting currently is scheduled to begin at 6:30 p.m., but will be reverified prior to the meeting.

Dr. Dwyer and the Roosevelt PTO Executive Board invite you to attend this meeting to listen to the Board discussion and share your thoughts during the Public Comment portion. You may also email your thoughts to Dr. Dwyer and Dr. Laurie Heinz lheinz@d64.org, and contact members of the Board through this link http://www.d64.org/boe/contact-board-of-education.


Roosevelt Rocks!

We did it, Roosevelt!

We made it to our goal of 40K with a very generous donation of $800 that came in today! Our grand total came to $40,063.09!

Thank you.

Thank you.

Thank you.



Principal Appreciation Day 10/20!

Never miss an opportunity to tell someone you appreciate what they do!

October 20th is Principal Appreciation Day!

E-mail, call or send a quick note from you and/or your student to Dr. Dwyer and Ms. Sobotka to let them know you care! 


Red Ribbon Week starts October 23rd!

National Red Ribbon Week is Coming Up!

Roosevelt says NO to drugs because your future is KEY!

Show your support by dressing up during the week of October 23rd – 27th.

Monday the 23rd: Put Your Thinking Cap On
Wear your favorite hat

Tuesday the 24th: Sock it to Drugs
Silly Sock Day

Wednesday the 25th: Be on a Drug Free Team
Wear your favorite team apparel

Thursday the 26th: Dream Big About Your Future
Pajama Day

Friday the 27thelt Students are Awesome!
Celebrate our Students by Wearing RED!


Tone-Up Club Park Ridge loves Roosevelt!

Tone-Up Club loves Roosevelt! They sponsored the Tiger Trot by paying for a large portion of the track-a-thon t-shirts! And they are offering extra perks to those who want to continue to BEE FIT long after the Tiger Trot is over.
Please click www.toneupclub.com to view our class schedule and then enter “Tiger” at checkout to recieve 50% off classes in October!


Benches for Kate at Roosevelt!

Benches for Kate coming to ALL D64 schools! In memory of Kate Babich, Roosevelt received it’s Ianelli “sprite” in our reading garden! Kate loved art and reading. She loved making art out of recyclables. Please recycle your plastic in this continued effort to get Benches for Kate around Park Ridge to honor Kate and her family. The first bench was installed at St. Andrew’s and more are to come including one at Roosevelt!

Click here for drop off locations!

Click here for items that can be recycled for the bench!


D64 ELF benefits Roosevelt!

Did you know that Roosevelt has been awarded the following grants in the last few years all from D64 ELF? The list is extensive, so check it out!
Click here to view list of Roosevelt ELF Grants!

Consider participating in their 1st Annual Halloween Hustle to have fun and benefit Roosevelt too (see school participation percentages below – the school with the highest participation wins!)

Way to go Franklin! Can we beat them?
Carpenter – 1.05%
Emerson – 1.29%
Field -1.23%
Franklin – 6.08%
Jefferson – 1.04%
Lincoln – .14%
Roosevelt – 1.91%
Washington – 1.23%

Click here to register!


Tiger Trot 2017 Update!

Here are some Tiger Trot 2017 Fun  Facts!

  • As a school, we ran 11,308 laps, or 2,262 miles! That’s pretty much Disneyworld and back or out to San Fran!

  • Congrats to Mrs. O’Donnell’s 5th grade class who ran an average of 4 miles per student!

We have thru Monday, 10/9 to get donations in. There is still time to Lasso our way to 40K!

4 classes will get time in the game trucks!

  • The 2 classes with best overall participation (donations of any amount) will win.

  • The class that raised the most funds will win.

  • The class that ran the most laps will win.


Pumpkin Character Contest at Roosevelt LRC!

Have fun as a family by participating in the first ever Roosevelt Pumpkin Character Contest!

Who: Any Roosevelt family can enter this optional contest. We will accept one pumpkin per family.

What: Use a small or medium sized FAKE pumpkin(s) to bring a children’s book character to life. The pumpkins will be displayed with a printout of the book cover in the LRC the week before Halloween. (Don’t worry. Mrs. Handlon will print the book covers.)

As students come to the LRC for lessons the week of Oct. 23rd, they will get the chance to vote for their favorites. The pumpkins with the most votes will be awarded prizes.

When: Pumpkins can be dropped off at Roosevelt between Tuesday, October 17th and Friday, October 21st. Voting will start Oct. 23rd. Winners will be announced on Oct. 31st.

Details can be found here!


Lasso Our Way to 40K!

Lasso our Way to 40K! The Tiger Trot may have ended, but the fundraising continues through this week! Please remember that this is Roosevelt PTO’s only major fundraiser and it funds all of our PTO programs and events. Thank you for all your support!


Western Wednesday

Calling all cowpokes!


Tomorrow is Western Wednesday!  Help your little wrangler find a bandana, flannel, cowboy hat or badge to gear up for the Roosevelt Round-up!  And don’t forget we need your help to get to our $40,000 goal to fund the awesome PTO programs and some much-needed outdoor improvements. Donate today! THANK YOU!


Tiger Trot is this FRIDAY!

Howdy Parders!

The Roosevelt Round-Up is on Friday and we need your help to make Roosevelt’s only major fundraiser a success! If you have not already donated, please do so and encourage friends and family to donate at https://2017tigertrot.eventbrite.com. Cash and checks made to Roosevelt PTO are also welcome.


Tiger Trot Music Available Now!

Now you can listen to the music that all of your students have been dancing to during their P.E. classes! They are learning the school wide Tiger Trot dance and can’t wait to show off their moves on 9/29 before school starts.

Click here to listen and practice the dance!


Public Opinion Matters!

Public Opinion Matters! Make your opinion known by e-mailing the District 64 Board of Education members or attending the next Board Meeting on September 18, 2017 at Jefferson at 7:00 in their multipurpose room.

If you don’t make your opinion known, the Board might think it isn’t important to you! They will be voting on Roosevelt’s secure vestibule and new office project slated for next summer as well as discussing the new SRO’s at Lincoln and Emerson and hot lunch at the 9/18 meeting!

Click here for D64 Board Meeting Dates & Agendas.


Picture Day & Vision/Hearing Screenings are 10/19!

Picture Day is Thursday, October 19th, so get your haircuts booked and outfits ready! Vision & Hearing Screenings are also that day and the Roosevelt nursing staff needs our help to direct students and help make the day run more smoothly.


Consider volunteering for a shift.

Click here to sign up to help with Vision & Hearing Screening.


Join the PTO by Friday, 9/15!

Did you know that “Joining the PTO” doesn’t mean you have to volunteer your time? Joining means you pay your membership and you receive helpful e-mail blasts and the online directory! It also means more money goes into Roosevelt’s PTO budget to provide many added bonuses that make Roosevelt even better – check out our 2017-2018 budget online.

Last year 352 families joined the PTO.
This year we are already up to 342 families and the deadline doesn’t close until this Friday, 9/15!


Fall Book Fair open online until 9/22!

Did you know that, even though the Fall Book Fair is no longer in Roosevelt’s LRC, you can still buy online and contribute towards our school?

You only have until next Friday, 9/22/17!

Click here to buy now!


Whole Foods donates to Roosevelt on 9/20!

Guess who got chosen as one of the Whole Foods Community Support Day recipients? Roosevelt!


On Wednesday, September 20th, Whole Foods Market Park Ridge will donate 5% of net sales to Roosevelt Elementary! The more you shop the more they give back, so stop in and stock up!


Helping Houston

Mrs. Azark’s 4th grade class and Mrs. O’Donnell’s 5th grade classes have adopted classes in Houston.

Both classes are helping in their own ways. Mrs. Azark’s class held a sale at Roosevelt’s Back to School Picnic to raise money for them. Mrs. O’Donnell’s class is gathering school supplies to send to their adopted class. Today the PTO received 100% of our missing school supplies from SchoolKidz, so Roosevelt’s families have officially been made whole and now we are giving to those in need. Win-Win!

Way to go to all the Roosevelt Tigers in these two classes putting their 5 Bees into practice!


D64 & LWV Panel Discussion on School Finance 9/28!

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